About Us

A little about us:

Social Impak is an online retailer specializing in quality products with messages to make our world a better place. Our apparel, including t-shirts, tanks, muscle shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, and hoodies, is specifically designed to make a strong political statement and add humor to someone's day.

Humor is often required to make an impact socially, so Social Impak needed to be a fun site for everyone to enjoy and share our products, laugh, and help make the world a little more tolerant. Social Impak is for sure NOT PC :-)

A number of our products are our exclusive designs, like the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pop Art image. This design was a tribute to the late RBG and has become one of our biggest sellers. With our design background, we enjoy designing ideas based on current events that shape our world with either a political statement or humor. We have some inspiring new designs coming, so be sure to check back often.

We are lucky to have partnered with the amazing Mike Ruiz, celebrity photographer, reality TV staple, and philanthropist. The Mike Ruiz Collection offerings include tees, tanks, and muscle shirts, all with Mike's most iconic photos and imagery. These are unique items that people will love to wear and can't be bought anywhere else! Mike Ruiz will give 25% of all profits to his favorite causes, including the Stand Up for Pits Foundation and the Ali Forney Center.

We hope you enjoy the products being offered here, and we are always open to suggestions. So, if you don't see something in your color or size, please contact us, as we can do custom orders. 



Our Mission:

Creating strong social movements that will drive lasting social impacts.

Social Impak is working to leverage real social change by financially supporting causes that are important to us via unique message on clothing and donations to various charities and organizations.

A minimum of 10% of all net proceeds from the purchase of products in our store will support various charities (unless noted), as some collections could raise even more money. 

It is empowering to use your dollars to affect real social change. We will work hard so Social Impak can bring quality products to you and your home, all with a message of making our world better. 

inspire people, impak the world

Our focus areas of support will include:

    • The LGBTQ+ Community
    • Animal Rights and Welfare 
    • Various Political Causes 
    • Environmental, Wildlife and Climate Change

Impak = impact
 in Afrikaans is a West Germanic language spoken in South Africa, Namibia and, to a lesser extent, Botswana and Zimbabwe. 


Our Vision:

To live in a world where; who you love is never challenged, people are respected, your rights are cherished, wildlife is protected, and the environment is treasured.  We want our politicians to work hard to ensure the world is a better place for us all to live in.  Your vote matters to make sure these causes can all move forward.